Saturday, July 23, 2011

Add an "H"

Just a little update to those following along....

It seems I need to add an H to my A.D.D....The Docs have officially diagnosed me as A.D.H.D.
They now have me on Aderol. They say that this will help me focus and hopefully help with my writing....jesh....that would be grand! :D

It's going to take a while to see how it effects me and If I am on the right medicine at the right dose...basically I'm a lab rat, a cute lab rat if i say so myself :P,  until we figure it out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A picture's worth a thousand words

*my friend Erin

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This picture obviously says fun to anyone looking. Girl singing into spoon in vehicle. What's not fun about that?
Anyone one who was there and experienced this moment would see even more here. I can almost hear our laughs as we goof off taking stupid pictures of doing silly things. Yes, we sing into Wendy's spoons loudly while driving down the road to a friends house. Pictures jog the memory so I will always have this moment to make me smile and think of my friend.

For a writer the rule is more like a paragraph is worth a really good picture. Instead of using a picture to tell a story writers use words to paint a picture...then a scene...then a story. If we can manage to do so successfully the reader will be pulled into and absorbed into the story. The characters and scenes will be real enough so the reader feels they could look up and be there with those characters.

I sometimes get a little wordy in my descriptions. It's about a balance. Creating your character with words that are gestures and personality so then in turn tell the story for you. Instead of "He made her feel tense as he walked over." we might substitute " She felt her muscles tense as she watched him strut toward her."

"I had a hard time getting onto the floor to dance because it was late and so crowded."
"I squeezed, shoved, and struggled my way to the dance floor to gyrate with all the other die hard party goers."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Gonna be a Long Day: True Story

     I thought it was Max. My mind woke sluggishly to the moaning cries. Before I was completely awake I was groping for the bottle and formula, ready for the feeding that comes between 2 am and 5 am every morning. As I rolled myself out of bed to make the bottle and grab wipes and a diaper, I noticed something was off.

Max, in his bassinet next to the bed, was sleeping peacefully with the side of his face all squished onto the little mattress. The pitiful whining was muted. I stumbled my way to the door and opened it. From my door I could see my other kids' room down the hall. Vincent lay curled into the corner of the walls- where his bed snugs up against the wall, oblivious to the apparent agony of his younger brother.

As I entered the room my thoughts were turned towards bad dreams. Thinking to hug and sooth, I leaned down and immediately came back up for cooler air. I couldn't be near the heat radiating from his little body. The fact that he had a fever didn't surprise me because it  had reached 101.3 when I had taken it at 8 pm the night before, but the fact that it felt as though he could fry an egg at 50 paces had me worried.

It took longer than it should to take his temperature. I couldn't calm his and he sat in my arms, moaning and crying and miserable. When the under arm reading was only 99 degrees I knew it was wrong; so, I tried the  under the tongue method and received an only slightly higher 100.7. I am no expert, but I knew when you are too busy moaning to keep your mouth closed while a thermometer is stuck under your tongue.

Sadly, that lead to a rectal temperature being taken.

103.9!!!!!!  Poor guy!

Emergency Room here we come. Again.
Only two hours, but it seemed like we were there forever. Perhaps it was going in when night surrounded us and emerging when the sun shined with that special early morning brightness. The doctors in the ER at 4:30 am are a bit nicer and more personable than when the ER is busy.

So here we are at 8 am, Dimitri simmered down on Tylenol and Motrin and me jittery on lack of sleep (due to staying up until 1 am with crazy organizing) and my Aderol prescription.  It's breakfast time and my kids show no signs of sleepiness. Oh, Joy. it's gonna be a long day!