First let me state that I am a member of SSA (Story Starters Anonymous)-tehe- and one of my goals for 2011 is to finish a story all the way through editing and into the marketing process.

Here I will keep an updated list of my WIP (Works In Progress) and weather they are simply ideas I've jotted down to keep for another day or what I work on every day. You will find my working title, word count (WC), and what stage I am in and a very short description.

Third Time's a Trap
WC- 0
    This is the novel I have chosen to work on and make my goal to finish before jumping back to one of my others because this is the one I am most thrilled by. If...no. When. When I finish this, if it goes the direction my mind is headed now, it will be the first in a series.
It's about a woman who meets a genie and finds out first hand what tricksters they can be. Her wishes cause problems she uses wishes to fix. In the end she must choose between the man she loves and her own way of life- her very core of existence. Can she outsmart the genie and keep the man she so desperately loves, or will the genie ruin everything?
I am starting my first draft. Wish me luck.

Sleep Tight
WC- 457
A story about dream manipulation, projection, science and abuse. Someone is manipulating people's dreams to their will, cause fear, driving people mad, and orchestrating murders. But who is it, and how? How do you escape your dreams? *And no, this isn't a Freddy Kruger type deal*
First draft. Returning to after genie manuscript.

WC- 41,037
This story came from a bad dream, which came from the fear of my husband not coming home form his first deployment. To help myself past this fear, I wrote it down. When I had finished, the scene in my head shifted; so, I continued to write. It's about a military wife whom gets the news her husband is dead. She tries to pick up the pieces of her life, move on and keep a good life for her and her kids. Eventually she meets another man whom she feels guilty for liking, then loving. To add to her stress she realizes someone is stalking her. In the confrontation between her and the stalker, her love comes to the rescue, but more than one person doesn't make it out of the story alive.
I have 70 pages done- maybe 1/3 the way complete- but I will have to familiarize myself with the story again and exactly where I left off before I can finish my first draft. (Which will have to wait for the genie project's completion, of course)

Forgotten Picnic
WC- 7,328
This story contains some...adult scenes. It is about two lovers who have a very hurtful parting of ways only to be reunited later in life. This is a sever romance. First draft.

Stolen Moment
Another romance about a cop and the woman he's ready to love, even if she isn't ready for love. First draft.

I have a few ideas for goddesses, split personalities, bilocation and other twists an turns of the abnormal variety. Thoughts, comments and questions are welcome on any of these ideas.

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