My Comp (LINKS) my other, personal blog! FUN!  Writer's Beware Blog- Sponsored by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America reveals literary scams and pitfalls and provides news and writing tips and experiences in the writing industry.  Absolute Write- This is a community of writers, agents, etc that gather around "the water cooler" to relax, talk shop, ask questions, support each other, bounce ideas around and much more.  F2K at Writers Village University provides a FREE 7 week online creative fiction writing course. Answering query questions, listing legitimate agents and generally helping the aspiring writer. More query help. <3 this site

***Note: I am currently searching for the best book review site I can find. Once I have it, It will also be posted here.
I will continue to add to this list as I find links I believe will appeal to fellow writers and readers.

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