Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sitting here watching America's Next Top Model, one of my TV vices, I'm struck with an important lesson some writers, and people in general, pay little attention to.

Your attitude effects your life.

Want a more popular cliche? Perception is reality.

If you go to collage, studying for that one perfect job, graduate top of your class, get your coveted interview then walk into the interviewee's office late, smacking gum, while snappily answering questions with "I don't need you or your crummy job" oozing out in your tone do you really think you are going to get your dream job? Better yet, do you honestly believe you deserve it?!

So, if you write, edit, rewrite, edit some more, write an amazing query, edit it, rewrite an even better query and find the perfect agent to send it all to then ignore simple courtesies- such as "Thank you for your time and consideration"- instead stating you are the best and they'd be down right lucky to have you and out of their ever lovin' minds to reject you....
Are you getting that agent to represent you or your work? Do you deserve to have that agent take the time to pitch and represent and stand by your work?

                                              Let me help....the answer is NO!

But don't make the mistake of being selectively nice to those you have to impress- i.e. sucking up.
There are people those agents depend on, such as assistants, that help them daily, save them time and energy so the agents can do their job better with more efficiency. You need to impress them just as much as the agent. Plus, Hi!, they are people too.
Janet Reid, a literary agent, talks about this in her blog (read it here).

Simple things like "please", "thank you", keeping calm, not hounding, trying to intimidate or yelling at people can make such a world of difference, like whether or not the choose to represent you, and it's simple courtesy. That shouldn't be so hard people.

        The simple, tired cliche "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you" is a cliche for a reason.

This holds true not only in the business world, but in every one's own personal little bubble of life. Think about it, beyond it being a simply kind, courteous and respectful way to treat people simply because they are indeed people, you never know if that person you met at the hotel lobby while you were in a hurry and tired could help you further your career or your life in some way.

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