Friday, June 24, 2011

I don't have A.D.D. I just.... OMG!!! A Bunny!

I had a doctor's visit today, the earliest they had (oh, yay ). Amongst other things was the predicament of my attention span. As the lovely doctor lady and I spoke of options a question popped into my head (that I would later wonder why it took me so long to think of)...

                           How do you diagnose someone with A.D.D.?

True to doctor form, I got a lot of words a no real answer. My thoughts: They don't know because these particular docs don't diagnose it at all. My doctor referred me to Affiliated Psychological Services who do know how to diagnose things such as A.D.D.

That being said, my doc decided to put me on aderol- 30mg being the highest dose they give, she gave me 20mg...apparently I am really spacey =) she said, " We will start you on this dose, if it helps we'll get you an extended prescription. If, however, you start to feel....crazy" (at this point she mimed shaking...sorta like Jeff Dunham's version of a little dog that needs to poop ....if you haven't seen that- and you should, it's hilarious!(near the end of the above clip link) it looked like a kid so hyped up on sugar they couldn't be still and they were, well, shaking!!!...where was I????

Oh-Yeah! (*slaps self in forehead)

She was saying," ...Crazy, come back and we will lower you dose."

Now, for those who don't know, A.D.D. meds are stimulants. Which seems stupid since the problem is I have so much going on in my brain I can't focus. I am told that these stimulants help focus the energy into one point....hmmmm.
So, I will either have an easier time focusing- hence more writing - or....I will be bouncing off walls, unable to finish a sentence and completely hopeless!!!! Tehehe!
Meds start tomorrow. We'll see how it goes! It may make for some interesting posts! Bahahaha!

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