Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello. Welcome to HBH: Journey to the Beginning.

    When considering a name for my blog I went through several days of trail and error. I tried silly and serious and even a few innuendos. Finally I hit on "Journey to Getting Published". This is a good solid name, but I saw two big problems.

1) It was already taken.
2) This isn't just about being published.

Yes! I want to get published. That is my goal, but I hope to continue this blog after I am published. I didn't want a title that indicated once I reached my goal of getting published I was done. Getting published is an ending to my goal, but a whole new beginning for my life! So, I decided on my blog's name. I stayed up all night setting up my blog. Now comes the hard part.

Every writer faces obstacles on the way to print; some the same, some very different.  I need a plan. First I must recognize my obstacles so I may map a route to overcoming them.

I have a husband, house, dog, and 3 kids  under the age of 6 to take care of. While I normally have help from my husband for help and support, he is currently serving in Afghanistan (*proud me*) and needs my support. Between playing, studying- yeah, we do that over the summer- potty training, bottle feeding, sports camp, cooking, cleaning, house chores, exercise...blah, blah, blah.... My time is often stretched thin.
My solution: Squeeze it in. At the end of the day when I'm tired, grab a hot shower, a piece of chocolate and put in some quiet, productive writing time.

My A.D.D is so bad I may be worse than a few people with short term memory loss. I have struggled with weather I should go to a doc and see if meds can help, but I am not fond of meds in general and that's IF I remembered to take them! I lose. I what I'm thinking before I complete the thought sometimes.
My solution: I am currently trying many things. I carry a little note pad and pen with me everywhere to jot down thoughts. I have been trying meditation- key word: trying. If it continues to interfere with my writing or if it gets worse I will probably have to suck it up and go to the doc.

I did OK in typing class, but not great. I have been getting better over time with lots of use, but I simply like pencil paper better. My thoughts flow easier, but hand cramps faster...and I am horrible at short hand.
My Solution:
Bite the darn bullet and practice. I will have to keep at the typing. I can do both, but I do need to keep typing and hopefully continue to improve.

No. I am not saying I am stupid- though I can claim my fair share of blond moments. I am simply ignorant of the way the industry works and have many questions about how to do stuff; like send in manuscripts, where, when, who???
My Solution:
Research. If I can research a topic for my book, I can certainly research how to get that work on the market. As I feel my way around this process I will share my experience and hopefully help someone else with theirs.

Finally, the biggest and hardest of my obstacle...
There is the fear of rejection, too many or too obvious mistakes. I have felt many types and degrees of fear in my life, the worst ever not knowing weather my infant would wake up and breath by himself outside of a hospital ever again. This I have now is strong, not quit that strong, but strong all the same. I love writing and I want so very painfully to be good at it. I think I am good, but I want it so bad and I am afraid I will simply find out I don't have the talent for it.That would be a crushing thing.
My solution: This one is rather tricky. I don't have a solution. Instead I have a wall around my heart. It looks like it's made of brick, but really it's that vinyl stuff that is brick patterned and flimsy when not glued to the floor. I have that wall and two sayings I repeat every day, several times a day. "I will never know, unless I try." and "Failure is the path to success."

So, armed with my quotes, fake wall, computer and will I am marching toward my goal. It will be a hard journey I am sure and I have yet to leave my safe little concrete driveway for the dirt, dust and pot holes ahead, but I can do this.
I believe in positive affirmation and I can do this. I will do this. I AM doing this.

I have to thank Janet Reid-who has never met or even spoken with me directly- for my courage to start a blog (new territory for me) and stay on my toes with my writing. Her "Rules for Writers"; particularly Be Confident and Be Brave, spoke to me like no other articles I have read. It was from the I got the confidence to pursue this dream. You can link to her blog from my home page and check out her Rules for Writers.


  1. Heather, I have known you your whole life and believe in my heart that you can do and succeed at anything you set your mind to do. You've always been an intelligent girl who loved the word "can't" thrown at you just to show them you could. I've been watching you on FB and am so very proud of the woman you've become. I didn't intend to get all "sappy" here but I just wanted you to know that your family is here if you need us and we're all very proud of you. Love you........ Uncle Stacy. Ps: Thanks for posting the link. :)

  2. Thank you so much! That means more to me than I can explain. I am sure that down the road, when doubt slaps me back from goals I will look at that commemt and feel confidence and a large moral boost. Thanks :)